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    Solid Roofs

Quality Solid Roof Replacements

Pennine – North East’s only company to offer you guarantees on quality, price and service for replacement solid roofs

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The Security & Strength of a Solid Roof

A common problem with older conservatories is that some of the materials used in the past were not as energy efficient as modern materials. Because of this many people now find themselves with a conservatory that is no longer thermally efficient and cannot be used as often as they should be. To combat this, we have created a system in which we can quickly and with minimum fuss replace your old conservatory roof with a brand new energy efficient replacement conservatory roof. Keeping the original structure in place, our replacement roofs can be simply placed on top of your old conservatory – otherwise known as a “top hat”.

Why Choose Pennine?

  • Pennine Price Promise – if you can find the same solid roof replacement and service cheaper elsewhere within 14 days, we’ll refund double the difference!
  • 20 Year guarantee – we have so much confidence in our products, that we offer a guarantee on our products including moving and non-moving parts
  • 24 Hour Emergency Lockout – It’s never too much trouble so if you’re locked in or out we’ll come out and let you in!
  • Free Annual Maintenance Checks – every 12 months for the first 2 years we’ll make sure things are as they should be and if they’re not, we’ll fix it.
  • Dedicated Project Manager – You’ll have a single point of contact from the moment you purchase our product, who will always be available to keep you up to date throughout your project.

The finest roofing solution…


Whether you have an Edwardian, Lean-To, Gable or Victorian conservatory, and regardless of its age, providing the base structure is robust, we can quickly and effortlessly design and install a solid roof. Thanks to the use of modern materials and designs, as well as the option of roof windows for added light, a new solid roof can provide excellent natural warmth and sunlight.


Solid roofs are most commonly associated with replacement projects. However, many new conservatories now come installed with a Smart Roof, rather than the glass or polycarbonate variety. The speed with which a solid roof can be fitted is accelerated; making it far quicker than an extension with its full-height brick walls and a standard roof. Roof windows and mounted spotlights can bring your living new space to life to compensate for any loss of natural light.


Double-ended Edwardian designs make it possible for a solid roof to be fitted onto a new or existing orangery. From an aesthetic perspective, your orangery won’t change in the slightest, what will change is the internal ambience; which will feel far more welcoming and inviting than it did previously. The natural sunlight that filters through the roof windows will further add to the overall feel.


Our smart roof isn’t limited to conservatories and orangeries as it can also be used as an alternative to a standard solid roof extension which takes longer to install and is usually more expensive. Available in a variety of colours, we guarantee to find the exact match for your home.


A porch installation is far quicker if you decide to have a smart roof. Thanks to the ease at which they can be incorporated into the design, some of our porches can be installed and ready to use in just hours.

Owning a Warm Roof provides countless benefits…


It’s no good having a pretty looking conservatory if for large parts of the year it sits virtually redundant either due to being too cold in winter or too hot in summer. You rightly expect to be able to revert to in any type of weather and you will be afforded this luxury when you have a Warm Roof fitted to it. It contains insulated plywood and a rigid insulation board, helping eliminate heat loss and boost energy efficiency.

Solid Look & Feel

The inside of your conservatory will never have felt as luxurious as it is when you have it equipped with a solid roof, even more so than a polycarbonate or glass roof. Yes, some natural light will be lost, but natural sunlight will still force its way through the windows and doors so there’s no chance of it feeling drab and lifeless. We’ve done every possible to ensure our lightweight roof covering shares many of the aesthetic characteristics of traditional slates and tiles by using intricate detail and replicating their look.

Simple Fit

Because a Warm Roof is prefabricated it makes for a quick and efficient installation process so you can realistically expect to start enjoying the new-found benefits of your home extension within just a few hours.

Choose between a timber or plasterboard internal finish…

The clean and minimalist appearance of a painted plasterboard internal finish for the Warm Roof appeals to a huge number of home extension owners, but there are other possibilities. For something that feels rich and warm we suggest a timber clad ceiling as it has a dark finish that really comes into its own during the winter months in particular. It has an almost ‘cabin-style’ feel and is hugely complementary to any roof windows or centre pivoting timber roof windows incorporated into the design.

Select centre pivot windows to accompany your Warm Roof…

Don’t be alarmed by any natural light lost as a result of fitting a Warm Roof as you can always draw it back into your structure by having one or more roof windows put into the overall design. The newly installed roof windows will give you the most remarkable views of the world above, something you will never fail to get enjoyment out of each time you sit and relax inside. They’re also invaluable during the summer months as you can utilise them for ventilation purposes to help keep the building cool and useable.

Our roof tiles share a similar durability to the real thing…

We offer two types of Warm Roof covering; lightweight tile and lightweight slate. You will be mightily impressed by just how alike out lightweight slate looks to natural slate, aided by the five colour options it’s provided in. You’ll also be pleased to know that each covering is also totally weather-proof too as well as aesthetically-pleasing.

Lightweight Tile

The lightweight tile we provide for conservatories, orangeries, porches and many other styles of home extension can be fitted with the upmost ease and needs virtually no looking after. You also have plenty choice in terms of colour with options of charcoal, ebony, umber, red and green so finding a finish the suits won’t be a hard task.

Lightweight Slate

There’s no denying the aesthetic qualities of traditional slate but where it does fall down is in the amount of maintenance you have to input to keep it in good order as cracking, delamination and gradual wear and tear gets hold of it. Our lightweight slate shares the look of traditional slate and thankfully needs none of its time exhaustive upkeep. It even features the plateauxs’, curves and peaks of natural slate and comes in an incredible 20 colour options including brick red, pewter grey, stone black and plum.

A coloured tiled roof won’t go unnoticed…

Our lightweight tiles come finished in five different colour variations so that you can locate a solid roof that complements the roof tiles that sit on top of your home. They may be called ‘lightweight’ but you will be pleasantly surprised by just how durable they are, just as you’d expect of a stone-coated steel.

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Revolutionary Engineering

A conservatory replacement roof offers so many benefits. One of the most obvious being – it will instantly update and breathe new life into the appearance of your conservatory. Available in a variety of styles, including real slate and tile, our affordable replacement conservatory roofs are a great cost effective way of creating the feeling of having a new conservatory. Thanks to the use of modern materials such as aluminium and double and triple glazing, your new conservatory roof will quickly transform your old, cold conservatory into a space that is as warm and welcoming space and one which you can use all year round.

Why Choose Us?

Featuring a lightweight frame, modern insulation materials, and a choice of external tile finishes, our smart roofs will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, as well as help eliminate outside noise. To ensure local homeowners get access to the very best materials and deals, we offer something that no other North East home improvements company does; a 20 year guarantee and a price promise for your peace of mind.