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    Solid Roofs

Solid Roof Extensions

Pennine – North East’s only company to offer you guarantees on quality, price and service for solid roof extensions

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Solid Roof Extensions for the North East

A smart roof extension is one of the most popular choices for homeowners today. Using modern materials and innovative manufacturing techniques, our range of solid roof extensions offer optimum energy efficiency and durability for homeowners in Newcastle, Northumberland, Teeside and County Durham. Available in a variety of styles and colours, including slate and tile roofs types, your new solid roof can be designed to perfectly match your home or provide an eye-catching contrast. Available on all of our conservatories and orangeries, we can also quickly and easily install a brand new smart roof on an existing structure.

Why Choose Pennine?

  • Pennine Price Promise – if you can find the same solid roof extension and service cheaper elsewhere within 14 days, we’ll refund double the difference!
  • 20 Year guarantee – we have so much confidence in our products, that we offer a guarantee on our products including moving and non-moving parts
  • 24 Hour Emergency Lockout – It’s never too much trouble so if you’re locked in or out we’ll come out and let you in!
  • Free Annual Maintenance Checks – every 12 months for the first 2 years we’ll make sure things are as they should be and if they’re not, we’ll fix it.
  • Dedicated Project Manager – You’ll have a single point of contact from the moment you purchase our product, who will always be available to keep you up to date throughout your project.

The finest roofing solution…


Whether you have an Edwardian, Lean-To, Gable or Victorian conservatory, and regardless of its age, providing the base structure is robust, we can quickly and effortlessly design and install a solid roof. Thanks to the use of modern materials and designs, as well as the option of roof windows for added light, a new solid roof can provide excellent natural warmth and sunlight.


Solid roofs are most commonly associated with replacement projects. However, many new conservatories now come installed with a Smart Roof, rather than the glass or polycarbonate variety. The speed with which a solid roof can be fitted is accelerated; making it far quicker than an extension with its full-height brick walls and a standard roof. Roof windows and mounted spotlights can bring your living new space to life to compensate for any loss of natural light.


Double-ended Edwardian designs make it possible for a solid roof to be fitted onto a new or existing orangery. From an aesthetic perspective, your orangery won’t change in the slightest, what will change is the internal ambience; which will feel far more welcoming and inviting than it did previously. The natural sunlight that filters through the roof windows will further add to the overall feel.


Our smart roof isn’t limited to conservatories and orangeries as it can also be used as an alternative to a standard solid roof extension which takes longer to install and is usually more expensive. Available in a variety of colours, we guarantee to find the exact match for your home.


A porch installation is far quicker if you decide to have a smart roof. Thanks to the ease at which they can be incorporated into the design, some of our porches can be installed and ready to use in just hours.

Owning a Warm Roof provides countless benefits…


It’s not all about looks when it comes to the final design of your conservatory. You also need it to be practical in terms of the energy efficiency it provides throughout the year; thereby ensuring you can get the most out of it. Featuring rigid insulation board and insulated plywood, the Warm Roof plays a vital role in keeping the structure insulated at all times.

Solid Look & Feel

There’s no doubting the qualities of a polycarbonate or glass roof, but a solid roof provides that something a little bit different from the perspective of internal ambience. Yes, it won’t allow quite as much natural sunlight to pass into the room, but you will still receive a generous quantity from sunrise till sunset. Thanks to the use of modern materials and design, you will also be astounded by just how similar a lightweight roof looks to traditional tile and slate.

Simple Fit

A Warm Roof can be installed incredibly fast thanks to it being pre-fabricated. As such, many such roofs can now be installed in just hours.

Choose between a timber or plasterboard internal finish…

The clean and minimalist appearance of a painted plasterboard internal finish of a Warm Roof appeals to a huge number of home extension owners, but there are other possibilities. For a rich and warm interior we suggest a timber clad ceiling as it has a dark finish that really comes into its own during the winter months in particular. Providing a ‘cabin-style’ feel, it is hugely complementary to any roof windows or centre pivoting timber roof windows that are incorporated into the design.

Select centre pivot windows to accompany your Warm Roof…

Don’t be concerned by any loss of natural sunlight that occurs as a result of having a Warm Roof fitted as it can always be drawn back in by integrating roof windows into the design, as well as working in tandem with existing windows and doors. Morning, noon and night, these roof windows can provide fantastic views. They also prove a tonic in summer when ventilation is an absolutely must, helping keep everywhere cool and at a comfortable temperature.

Our roof tiles share a similar durability to the real thing…

We offer two types of Warm Roof covering; lightweight tile and lightweight slate. Our lightweight tiles come in five colours, whilst our lightweight slate looks virtually identical to that of natural slate thanks to the use of modern materials and design. Both are completely weather-proof and maintenance-free.

Lightweight Tile

There’s no denying that traditional slate when first fitted looks exceptionally pleasing on the eye. However, as time goes by it often cracks and loses the visual appeal it once had. Our lightweight tiles are designed to endure; thereby suffering no such problems, even years down the line. These tiles also look exactly like the real thing thanks to their incredible detail; with curves and peaks present throughout the material. An impressive 20 colours are available, including plum, brick red, stone black and pewter grey.

Lightweight Slate

A lightweight tile is all its takes to secure warmth in conservatories, orangeries, porches and other types of home extension. Taking very little time to install, there is also virtually no maintenance. When it comes to colour, you can choose from umber, green, charcoal, red and ebony.

A coloured tiled roof won’t go unnoticed…

Our lightweight tiles can perfectly match existing roof tiles thanks to the choice of 5 colours we have available. Don’t be put off by the word ‘lightweight’ though as it offers a similar level of durability to that of stone-coated steel.

Browse through our new roof installation projects

We love showcasing our work. Here are some roof installation projects we’ve completed for our happy customers. Or why not visit our projects page for more projects across a range of products.

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Solid Roofs with Pennine

Always striving to be ‘a cut above,’ we do everything we can to provide quality products that will continue to look great and save homeowners in the North East money for years to come as well as service standards that are second to none. With the very latest modern materials and product innovation; our products provide optimum energy efficiency and security. At Pennine, we understand that everyone is different, and that’s why we offer designs and options that are tailored to you; ensuring that you get the exact look you want for your home. Our aftercare service, free annual maintenance checks and unrivalled 20 year guarantee will help keep your new home improvements looking great and secure.

As part of our commitment to providing a first-class service, we are also very proud to provide a product and service offering that delivers the best long-term value for money in the North East region. We are so confident about price and lifetime value of product and service that if you can find the same products and service cheaper elsewhere, we will refund you double the difference.

Our experienced staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have; providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision for your home and lifestyle needs.