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Price Promise Georgian Windows

Only with Pennine, can people of the North East get Georgian windows that have guarantees on quality, price and service!

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Georgian Windows for the North East

First appearing in the 18th Century, Georgian windows are now one of the most recognisable windows in the UK. Featuring small glass panes in a grid design, one of the biggest advantages of Georgian windows is the many different sizes they are available in. From larger panes in a ‘3×3’ design to smaller panes in ‘9×9’ and ‘12×12’ designs, Georgian windows give you the freedom to decide on the styling of your home’s exterior. Featuring classic lines and modern finishes, Georgian windows are perfect for the different styles of home found in the North East.

Why Choose Pennine?

  • Pennine Price Promise – if you can find the same georgian window specification cheaper elsewhere within 14 days, we’ll refund double the difference!
  • 20 Year guarantee – we have so much confidence in our products, that we offer a guarantee on all moving and non-moving parts
  • 24 Hour Emergency Lockout – As part of our 10 year insurance backed guarantee, we’ll come and let you in if you need us!
  • Free Annual Maintenance Checks – every 12 months for the first 2 years we’ll help you with any wear and tears
  • Dedicated Project Manager – You’ll be given a single point of contact who will always be available to keep you updated

The Pennine Way isn’t about what we do; it’s about how we do it.

The Pennine Way forms the solid backbone of our company. It defines what it feels like to work with Pennine, by highlighting what’s most important to you.

1. The Pennine Promises

We make, and keep, 4 service promises that no-one else does. Our 20 Year Guarantee, 24 Hour Lockout Service, Free Annual Maintenance Checks and The Pennine Price Promise.


2. A Relaxed Sales Process

You’ll feel comfortable with the entire sales process. Together, we decide what it is you need, you’ll understand exactly how we price our products and we won’t push you into anything. You remain at the centre of every decision that is made.

3. Clarity of Product

We clearly define every detail of your product at every stage of the process, so you always know exactly what you’re paying for.


4. Delivering on Time

We always give clear, achievable timeframes. A project may go beyond them if it’s absolutely unavoidable, but you’ll be kept informed every step of the way.

5. One Point of Contact

We’ll give you one point of contact for each stage of your Pennine project, so you’ll always know who to go to if you need information, help or support.


6. Absolute Respect

We always treat your home like the palace it is. Your space, your rules. We’ll use dust covers on our way in and tidy on our way out.

7. People People

At every stage of the process, we only ever introduce you to people who want to make the process a pleasure for you. You’ll feel supported and listened to – every step of the way.


8. Know Your Pennine

We talk you through every aspect of your complete, quality checked product, so that you know how to use, care for, maintain and get the very best from it.

9. Thanking You

We thank all of our customers with a loyalty discount to be used on future products.


10. Real Aftercare

Your Project Manager will stay with you for one month after everything is finished, to help you with natural tweaks. You will receive Free Annual Maintenance Checks for the first two years after the installation and Pennine will, of course, stay with you for your 20 Year Guarantee.

Glazing comes in many different forms…

Plain glass is the most obvious glazing solution but there are further options if you fancy achieving a different look or want to drive down the cost of energy bills as much as you can. Those seeking the latter should assess our Energy Rated Windows as an ‘A’ rated window will hugely improve energy efficiency. Add further character to the windows by opting for leaded glass or astragal bars.

Double Glazing

You can’t expect your home to stay warm if you don’t have double glazing installed. You will notice a marked difference in the internal temperature when upgrading from single glazing to double glazing as that extra pane of glass makes a huge amount of difference. It also means that you’ll pay significantly less on your future fuel bills. The fact that you’ve had double glazing integrated into your home will be spotted by visitors and passers-by due to the fresh finish applied to the frames.

Triple Glazing

Up until recently, triple glazing was most associated with colder climates such as Scandinavia, but as household fuel has risen so has the demand for triple glazed windows in this country as they’re the most effective option at cutting energy bills and warming a property. The money saved as a result of their presence will be felt for a long time. If you’ve seen a window design that you like then just ask us to integrate triple glazing into the frame.

Privacy Glazing

As soon as that front door shuts and you enter your home, you understandably expect a little bit of privacy, it’s what we rely on our homes for. If you’re put off by prying eyes and want to somewhat blur the inside of your home from the outside world then we recommend you check out privacy glazing. Despite its purpose, sunlight will still be able to pass through the glass so that your interior never feels dark and uninviting.

Choose between a traditional, contemporary or fully sculptured window frame style…

No-one wants their home to look like the others that sit next to it or surround it; you want it to have its own individual visual appeal. The window frame you select will have an influence on how strongly your property separates itself from others due to the many dimensions and contours featured in the frame. If you’ve never looked at a window in such detail before then visit a Pennine showroom.



UPVC tends to be the favoured window material for millions of property owners because of its many different qualities such as the durability, energy efficiency and security it provides. Its outstanding thermal efficiency alone should be enough to persuade you to choose it as it will ensure that your windows reduce heat loss and drive down the cost of fuel bills. Looking to replace an arched window? UPVC can be shaped accordingly, whilst also featuring the familiar curved external bead.


Our aluminium range of products continue to grow at a rapid rate. You can’t fully appreciate the toughness of aluminium until you experience it in person at which point you will soon come to understand why it is arguably the fastest-growing material utilised in home improvement offerings. The slender sightlines that can be created courtesy of the aluminium profile means that a great expanse of glass can be inserted into the final frame, giving the light of the sun a less restricted pathway through the glass. As a finishing touch, check out our many powder-coated colours and timber effects.


What puts most people off the idea of purchasing timber-based home products is the continuous preservation of the wood necessary to ward off the threat of rotting and fading. Pennine has a solution in the form of our Heritage range which possesses all the looks and hallmarks of wood, such as the window sash sitting flush with the frame, but requires zero maintenance. It also offers several other modern benefits such as outstanding thermal insulation and security, qualities that the traditional timber fell down on. It’s a fantastic option for those struggling to source an authentic window replacement in a conservation area.

An overwhelming choice of colours…

Choosing a suitable window colour will be one of the most difficult decisions you face when buying a brand new design. That’s because we have such an abundance of choice at Pennine. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or a drastic change, all tastes are catered for, and if you like, you can have a dual-coloured finish, with contrasting colours applied to the inside and outside of the frame so that the window matches the interior and exterior of your home. There really are endless possibilities.

UPVC Colours

You can never go wrong with choosing a traditional white UPVC window as it’s a timeless classic sure to keep your home on trend for good, but sometimes it nice to be different. We can now produce UPVC windows in an array of colours, some that you probably wouldn’t expect to see such as Chartwell Green, which sits alongside finishes of Grey and Irish Oak wonderfully.

Aluminium Colours

How does the coloured finish applied to our aluminium windows look so authentic and genuine? It’s because we abide by an 11-stage powder-coating process which gives it that natural texture and feel. For those wanting an aluminium window with a wood-type effect, we can provide windows in Oak, Rosewood and Walnut, all achievable thanks to a method called sublimation. You will be taken aback by how alike it looks to real timber.

Heritage Colours

Whether you’re seeking a replacement window for a period property or are looking for something that closely resembles the traditional 19th century timber window, our Heritage range will meet your required desires perfectly. They even come in retro finishes of Clotted Cream, Painswick, Eclectic Grey, Cotswold Biscuit, Corse Lawn and English, Irish and Silvered Oak.

A step-by-step guide to finding the perfect window…

Every window has a lifespan. Once that lifespan has been reached it is important that you find an appropriate replacement which can sometimes be difficult. Not so difficult when you buy from Pennine as we have one of the most comprehensive window selections you could imagine. Whatever styling or finish you need, we will have a window solution that fits the bill. You only need to speak to a member of our team for assistance.


You will no doubt be lured by the attractiveness of a window, but the functionality of the window is of equal importance. We offer windows that function in numerous ways such as tilt & turn windows and after playing with them you may find that you have a preference for a certain type of design. How the window operates will be significant in terms of ventilation.


Suffering with expensive energy bills? There’s a good chance that the windows you currently have installed are responsible and letting in cold air and need replacing. The installation of contemporary windows will solve the problem as they will prevent leakages and heat loss, resulting in a far more affordable fuel bill at the end of every month. You can also expect a warmer household around the clock.


Whenever you leave your home unoccupied you need to know that your home is safe. If you don’t feel confidence when locking the windows then you need to get them replaced immediately. As well as coming with a tamper-proof multi-point locking mechanism, each of our windows contains a hugely strong frame and virtually unbreakable glass. A ‘Secured by Design’ window is a further option for those wanting the toughest window on the market.


You understandably expect value for money when purchasing brand new windows and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Pennine and to prove it we supply every window we sell with a long-term guarantee. We urge you to give it a thorough read as stated within the guarantee is mention that some small remedial adjustments may have to be made further down the line so that the window performance is never blighted.

Your project will undergo a series of Pennine inspections to ensure your installation runs smoothly and without error.

Prior to any work commencing, a full site inspection will be carried out to ensure health and safety standards are met during the project and to make certain that your property and possessions are protected from damage at all times.

Once all the building work has completed, a second inspection will be carried out to ensure that it meets our high and exacting standards and expectations. This rigorous inspection covers all aspects of the completed works against our current Building Standards document.

A final inspection will be conducted once all installation, electrical, plumbing and plastering works have been completed to confirm that the fitting and finish meet our installation standards and to be sure that you are left with a beautifully finished product.

Plus, you will have peace of mind with our 20 year guarantee and our dedicated aftercare team.

See some of our Georgian window projects

Take a look through the Georgian window projects we’ve completed for some of our happy customers, or visit our projects page for a broader look of other types of projects

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Georgian Windows with Pennine

The simple classic lines and versatility in design of Georgian windows makes them perfect for both traditional and more modern-styled homes. Reflecting this, we offer a wide-range of options for all of our Georgian windows. If you are looking to keep the traditional look and feel of your home, we have Georgian windows in a variety of woodgrain finishes. Almost identical to real timber, these incredible windows will require no maintenance from you. Combined with hardware options that include wrought iron handles, these fantastic windows allow you to keep the traditional appearance of such period-pieces.

Of course, if you want a more contemporary look, we offer an unrivalled selection of vibrant colours, including greens, blues and reds. Add to this the choice of energy efficient glazing and lead patterning, and we are confident that we can find the right Georgian windows for your home. To ensure customers in and around Newcastle and the North East get full access to our first-class service, we provide a complete service. From initial design and the choice of materials and colours, to final installation and free annual wear & tear checks, we will do everything we can to ensure you are fully satisfied.