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Our Price Promise on Bi-Folding Doors

Only with Pennine, can people of the North East get bi-folding doors that have guarantees on quality, price and service!

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Ultra-Modern Bi-folding Doors

Bi-folding doors are without doubt able to add style and finesse to any conservatory orangery or back wall inviting panoramic views of the outdoors in. Featuring cutting-edge engineering and a contemporary design, Bi-folding doors have certainly helped redefined the meaning of a door. As the leading supplier and installer of doors in the North East, we can create and install Bi-folding doors from 2-door leaf up to 5-door leaf. Featuring lightweight modern materials and an incredible gliding door mechanism, our range of Bi-folding doors can transform your home with nothing more than a gentle push. Our 10 year guarantee on this stylish product as well as free annual maintenance check for the first two years as well as a free emergency lock-out service is what makes buying a door from Pennine well worth it – because we don’t just give you a Bi-folding door, we’ll be there for the next 10 years to look after it for you.

Why Choose Pennine?

Pennine Price Promise – if you can find the same Bi-folding doors and service we offer cheaper elsewhere within 14 days, we’ll refund double the difference!
20 Year guarantee (10 years on Bi-folding doors) – we have so much confidence in our products, that we offer a guarantee on our products including moving and non-moving parts
24 Hour Emergency Lockout – It’s never too much trouble so if you’re locked in or out we’ll come out and let you in!
Free Annual Maintenance Checks – every 12 months for the first 2 years we’ll make sure things are as they should be and if they’re not, we’ll fix it.
Dedicated Project Manager – You’ll have a single point of contact from the moment you purchase our product, who will always be available to keep you up to date throughout your project

The Pennine Way isn’t about what we do; it’s about how we do it.

The Pennine Way forms the solid backbone of our company. It defines what it feels like to work with Pennine, by highlighting what’s most important to you.

1. The Pennine Promises

We make, and keep, 4 service promises that no-one else does. Our 20 Year Guarantee, 24 Hour Lockout Service, Free Annual Maintenance Checks and The Pennine Price Promise.


2. A Relaxed Sales Process

You’ll feel comfortable with the entire sales process. Together, we decide what it is you need, you’ll understand exactly how we price our products and we won’t push you into anything. You remain at the centre of every decision that is made.

3. Clarity of Product

We clearly define every detail of your product at every stage of the process, so you always know exactly what you’re paying for.


4. Delivering on Time

We always give clear, achievable timeframes. A project may go beyond them if it’s absolutely unavoidable, but you’ll be kept informed every step of the way.

5. One Point of Contact

We’ll give you one point of contact for each stage of your Pennine project, so you’ll always know who to go to if you need information, help or support.


6. Absolute Respect

We always treat your home like the palace it is. Your space, your rules. We’ll use dust covers on our way in and tidy on our way out.

7. People People

At every stage of the process, we only ever introduce you to people who want to make the process a pleasure for you. You’ll feel supported and listened to – every step of the way.


8. Know Your Pennine

We talk you through every aspect of your complete, quality checked product, so that you know how to use, care for, maintain and get the very best from it.

9. Thanking You

We thank all of our customers with a loyalty discount to be used on future products.


10. Real Aftercare

Your Project Manager will stay with you for one month after everything is finished, to help you with natural tweaks. You will receive Free Annual Maintenance Checks for the first two years after the installation and Pennine will, of course, stay with you for your 20 Year Guarantee.

Having outstanding looks is just one quality of the Bi-Folding door…

It’s inevitable that the stylish good looks of bi-folding doors are what will draw you into purchasing them but it’s important not to forget the many other qualities they provide. The way they fold and glide is truly remarkable as they do so with such grace and effortlessness. They’re also renowned for supplying fantastic energy efficiency so that you aren’t lumbered with expensive energy bills.

Easy Slide

You can’t fail but be impressed by how wonderfully the bi-folding door leafs slide along the stainless steel runners and open and close with just the lightest of pushes. So that this forever remains the case, there is a small brush present on one end of the track which keeps the runners free from the build-up of dirt to prevent any sticking from occurring.


Bi-folding doors are easily adaptable so if you need to integrate them into a fixed aperture then we can custom-build them to fit. You can have anything from a two-door leaf bi-fold, to a seven-door solution; the latter option is without doubt the most extravagant choice and guaranteed to make the biggest impact. Just specify what you want and Pennine will do the rest.

Finishes & Colours

You can have a set of bi-folding doors finished in virtually every colour you can think of including sublimated finishes of Rosewood, Oak and Walnut for those wanting their doors to offer the timeless appeal of timber. Classic white also remains a favourite amongst homeowners anxious to have a forever fashionable look. If it’s what works best, then you can even combine colours by having different internal and external finishes.


The world really is your oyster so far as bi-folding doors are concerned as they can include up to a total of seven door leafs or as little as two. You can also have a ‘passenger door’ incorporated into the final design which will give you a door that operates similar to a conventional hinged door.


Opening and closing the bi-folding doors can be done in a split second so that you can unite home and garden with upmost ease. A gentle two-fingered push is usually enough to gently slide them from one end to the other as they’re surprisingly light and nowhere near as cumbersome as they appear.


Bring your home immediately up-to-date and ensure it’s bang on trend by investing your money into the purchase of bi-folding doors. They’re the contemporary door solution that every property needs and are guaranteed to get people talking about your home in glowing terms.

Versatility is one of the Bi-Folding Doors biggest strengths…


Revolutionary design and innovative technical detail, combined with the finest materials, has ensured that bi-folding doors are unquestionably the most advanced door on the market. All those ingredients are what gives the bi-folding door its trademark versatility and why it’s widely recognised as a revelation amongst most contemporary home improvement buyers.


The orangery is one of the most glamorous home extensions available but you can make it even more desirable by having a set of bi-folding doors incorporated into the design. The slender aluminium frames work in perfect contrast to the brickwork of an orangery and you could even have the doors fitted at two ends of the orangery if you want to create an ‘L’ type shape.



Bi-Folding doors aren’t solely limited as a way of connecting your home to the back garden. You could, for example, have them placed between a balcony and patio or decked area or even utilise them for linking an indoor gym to an outdoor swimming pool. There’s so many opportunities presented.

Browse through our Bi-folding door projects

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Cream Orangery with Bifold Doors

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Grey Loggia with Bifold Doors

This is a very modern styled grey loggia orangery with French bi-fold doors. Sturdy UPVC has been used to complete the build. The slick design will...


Extension with Aluminium Bifold Doors

This unique extension with windows and bifold doors made from grey aluminium brilliantly complements this family home. The roof windows and fully expanding doors let in...


Bi-folding doors with Pennine

The sleek design profile of Bi-folding doors means they are very versatile. Folding in onto itself, a Bi-folding door is engineered to fit almost anywhere; making it perfect for dividing existing rooms, for example. Furthermore, because Bi-folding doors can be created to run the entire length of a room, they can instantly remove the barrier from the inside and outside of your home; helping create a light, airy room that is like no other. As with all Pennine doors, we offer the latest materials, designs and colours. This includes a range of authentic woodgrain finishes that look almost identical to real timber. Available in a variety of finishes, including Oak, Rosewood and Walnut, these doors provide the beauty of real wood but require virtually no maintenance.

Here at Pennine, everything we do is aimed at one purpose; to provide products and service that are “a cut above”. This includes an extended 20-year guarantee on all our doors, as well as our free 24 hour emergency lock-out service and annual maintenance checks. We are proud of our reputation for providing homeowners in and around Newcastle and the North East with quality Bi-folding doors that will remain strong and looking great for a long, long time.